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MARRIAGES: Hawaii (1832-1910)Page 221
Kato, Chutaro (k) - Kin Kato9-19-1903N. KohalaH-50, p.45
Kato, Kaso - Kichitaro Nishiyama (k)8-24-1906S. HiloH-38, p.440
H-39, p.66
Kato, Saichi (k) - Shizu Maeda8-23-1907S. HiloH-41, p.39
H-90, p.3
Kato, Shizuyo - Katsuji Nojima (k)1-3-1902S. HiloH-36, p.243
Kato, Tatsu - Matsutaro Akiyama4-19-1900HamakuaH-81, p.51
Kato, Tome - Mekichi Kuwahara (k)9-28-1901S. HiloH-36, p.222
Kato, Tuneo - Tamigi Yanai (k)6-13-1904S. HiloH-37, p.377
Kato, Uechi (k) - Momoyo Kitakawa1-20-1900S. HiloH-35, p.124
Katsu - Nitaro Nishimura (k)6-14-1899HiloH-32, p.85
Katsui - Fukami (k)11-26-1904S. HiloH-37, p.390
Kau - Haa (k)11-13-1865HiloH-24, p.78
Kau (k) - Kaeha7-4-1838HakalauH-24, p.5
Kau - Kahalekai (k)8-7-1850PunahoaH-24, p.49
Kau (k) - Kailihau2-7-1838KapaahuH-24, p.3
Kau - Kailili (k)2-24-1845WaimanuH-16, p.83
Kau (k) - Kalewaiku10-17-1849PanauH-24, p.45
Kau (k) - Kamauna9-1840HamakuaH-16, p.71
Kau - Kane (k)1-15-1840WaiakeaH-24, p.12
Kau (k) - Kaomea5-2-1832WaimeaH-15, p.12
Kau (k) - Kapela1-27-1841KapohoH-24, p.18
Kau - Kuapuu (k)10-6-1848WaimeaH-17, p.16
H-27c, p.53
Kau - Luahine (k)11-14-1832WaimeaH-15, p.23
Kau - Mioi (k)8-2-1838HakalauH-24, p.5
H-27, p.6
Kau - Makapuaa (k)-n.d.-1839KauH-24, p.8
Kau - Mana (k)3-14-1832WaimeaH-15, p.10
Kau - Paai (k)9-21-1859N. KohalaH-28, p.14
Kau, Ah Lau - U. Cho Ping (k)2-15-1905N. KohalaH-43, p.43
Kau Lan (k) - Kalanikauleleiaiwi12-8-1900S. HiloH-35, p.173
Kaua - Aoe (k)6-21-1898HiloH-32, p.44
Kaua (k) - Kaluahine12-3-1868HiloH-24, p.82
Kaua (k) - Kaluhi2-24-1851N. KonaH-14d, p.1
Kaua (k) - Kane3-24-1848WaimeaH-17, p.13
H-27c, p.16
Kaua (k) - Kaumu4-24-1833WaimeaH-15, p.32
Kaua (k) - Kealiiamoihi11-2-1840PahoehoeH-24, p.16
Kaua - Keoni (k)3-28-1860HamakuaH-17, p.68
H-21, p.81
Kaua - Nakaoo (k)7-28-1851KauH-14b, p.5
Kaua (k) - Pakaha2-8-1832WaimeaH-15, p.3
Kaua - Punini (k)7-22-1846WaiakeaH-24, p.35
Kaua (k) - Ukauka10-25-1844---H-26, p.3
Kaua - Waihoolana (k)12-31-1850PiihonuaH-19, p.57
Kaua, Hanalei - Kalani Kailapa (k)8-10-1907S. KonaH-70, p.17
Kaua, Sam - Mary Kapae11-7-1896N. KohalaH-42k, p.2
Kauaana (k) - Nahulilewa9-15-1855HiloH-25, p.72
Kauaawa (k) - Kaawaloa9-13-1845---H-26, p.77
Kauaawa (k) - Kamakaiwa10-5-1853KonaH-14d, p.18,23
Kauahi - Aliha (k)8-6-1838HamakuaH-16, p.65
Kauahi - Heleniau (k)4-8-1889N. KohalaH-14c, p.28

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