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MARRIAGES: Oahu (1832-1910)Page 36
Campbell, James - Abigail Maipinepine10-30-1877HonoluluO-31:125
Campbell, M. Adelaide - Joseph G. Howie1-31-1884HonoluluO-31:139
Campbell, Maggie - Levi Keliipia1-9-1903HonoluluO-79:25
Campbell, Samuel - Moeloa Ilianu3-24-1908HonoluluO-75:152
Campbell, William H. - Dorothy M. Freeth2-9-1909HonoluluO-73:62
Canaido, Joao - Mary Cavaca12-8-1899HonoluluO-48:63
Canario, Marie C. - Sam'l P. Jacobson2-1-1909HonoluluO-73:60
Candelaria, Antonio de Freitas - Gertudes de12-23-1891HonoluluO-43:40
Cannon, Walter - Etelka May Lewis1-6-1910HonoluluO-73:101
Canterbury, B.F. (k) - Kalua1-25-1850HonoluluO-32:81
Canterbury, B.F. (k) - Nanamalie4-3-1863HonoluluO-22b:23;O-30:77
Caparal, Felemina - Alexander McLain2-2-1907HonoluluO-65:32
Capalo, John Freitas - Maria Teixeira Almada7-6-1907KoolauloaO-56:6;O-80:31
Cape, Sophia - Louis Adolphe Dronsart1-9-1852HonoluluO-19a:1;O-19b:31
Cape, Sophia Harriet - Henry Rhodes1851HonoluluO-18:9
Capilos, George - Irene Bellmor10-5-1904HonoluluO-60:78
Capwell, Ada G. - R.T.S. Durston8-13-1910HonoluluO-86:37
Caravallo, Juanito - Augusta Batista10-12-1903HonoluluO-96:82
Carden, Codie M. - David Lee Austin6-19-1909HonoluluO-96:551
Cardozo, Johanna see Pachico, JohannaO-59:8
Carey, John - Mele1-4-1845HonoluluO-27:71
Carey, Mae Eolner - William George Walker10-29-1891HonoluluO-43:29
Carey, Maggie - John Muldoon8-4-1905HonoluluO-79:51
Carlile, Robert A. - Fredericka Cook11-18-1896HonoluluO-62:20
Carlin, Mary - Capt. James F. Cleveland1851HonoluluO-18:9
Carlo, Joseph - Emily M. Gosmon6-2-1906HonoluluO-96:233
Carnegie, Mrs. Mayne L. - George D. Russell1-4-1907HonoluluO-60:179
Carney, James H. - Martha Farrell1-6-1900HonoluluO-48:83
Carpenter, Harriette Louise - Clifford E.8-10-1908HonoluluO-96:665
Carreira, Joaquin Rodrigues - Mary Eliza5-29-1907HonoluluO-96:363
Carrerra, Maria Rodrigues da - Joao da Aguiar12-15-1908HonoluluO-73:56
Carriero, Christina - Manuel Santos11-21-1910HonoluluO-66:3
Carrobello, Antonio Marie - Amos Peterson8-11-1910HonoluluO-86:35
Carroll, Agnes - Rudolf Miiller1-22-1904HonoluluO-96:104
Carroll, Magaret Ann - Carl Du Roi6-2-1896HonoluluO-47:60
Carroll, Mary Anne - Gustav Adolph Schuman5-21-1892HonoluluO-43:62
Carsley, George F. (I.) - Emelia Kealoha6-22-1855HonoluluO-32:186
Carson, Mrs. Mary - Dr. C.C. Knowles2-18-1878HonoluluO-31:126
Carter, Agnes - John R. Galt5-17-1892HonoluluO-43:60
Carter, Alfred W. - Edith M. Hartwell10-12-1895HonoluluO-45:92
Carter, Arthur Edward - Lucinda Awana1-27-1904HonoluluO-96:107
Carter, Cathrine - Robert Lewers7-13-1867HonoluluO-22b:49;O-30:80
Carter, Charles E. - Laura Perry12-28-1903HonoluluO-60:44
Carter, Ellen - S.B. Kaneihalau5-9-1908HonoluluO-61:52
Carter, Mrs. Hannah T. - Capt. Samuel Lyon1851HonoluluO-18:9
Carter, Henry A. Pierce - L. Augusta Judd2-27-1862HonoluluO-36:13
Carter, Joseph O. - Mary E. Ladd11-28-1859HonoluluO-36:4

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