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Island: Hawaiʻi: Kaʻū
Ahupuaa: Waiohinu
Feature: ahupuaʻa
Comments: Returned by V. Kamamalu at Māhele, retained by Crown. Has ancient fishing rights extending out to sea. (BCT) "Many years ago the wife of a chief died here and when her body was washed an oil that came from the body was noticed on the water." (Alexander) See Handy & Handy 1972 for several other stories.
Lexicology: wai-ōhinu. PEM: shiny water.
Source: MB 10,188; IN 26; BCT 1:403; USGS 1962; Alexander ms:4; Handy & Handy 1972:586.
Quadrangle: 10-76
North: 54,000
East: 464,000
Catalog Number: 395.24.000

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