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The Story of Hawaiian Royalty

Lydia Keomailani Called Home to Marry Prince

This history modern Hawaii will run daily and Sunday exclusively in The Advertiser. This is the 54th of the series.



The daughter born of the elopment of Issac Crowningburg and the High-Chiefess Auhea Kekauluohi II was Lydia, the High-Chiefess Keomailani. This young girl was sent to England for her schooling when she was barely eight years old, and all of her younger days were spent either in that kingdom or on the European continent.

After nearly 13 years, King Kalakaua asked her royal mother that the girl be returned to Hawaii so that she might be wed to the youthful and very talented heir-apparent, the Prince Leleiohoku.

* * *

LYDIA KEOMAILANI was then ordered to return to Hawaii but before her arrival, the young Prince Leleiohoku was dead. Keomailani married the English organist of the Episcopalian cathedral at St. Andrewʻs, Wray Taylor.

Their children are William Bishop Taylor, the High-Chief Kaiheekai III; Mable Taylor, the High-Chiefess Nalanielua of Lanikai; Emily Taylor-Straus, the High-Chiefess Auhea - Kekauluohi III, custodian of the Queen Emma museum; and Beatrice Taylor-Clanton, the High-Chiefess Kuliaikanuu of Oakland. Calif.

* * *

OTHER DESCENDANTS of the High-Chiefess Kaleimahu-I-Kaheana are Mrs. Charles L. Wight (Harriet Emily Wilder), daughter of Caroline Crowningburg and John Knight Wilder. The only other living descendant of Caroline Crowningburg is Ella Gunn Chamberlain of New York, daughter of Mary Caroline wilder.

Three of Hawaiiʻs loveliest ladies were Crowningburgs, the daughters of David Crowningburg. They were Adeline (Mrs. David Dowsett), Eliza (Mrs. Archie Robertson) and Emma (Mrs. Harry Harrison). David C. Scott also descends in this family through his mother, Victoria Malupo Crowningburg.

* * *

THE ONLY LIVING child of David Crowningburg, and the last to carry that name as his surname is David Lono Crowningburg of Honolulu.

Another descendant of the High-Chiefess Kaleimahu - I - Kaheana was the late Minnie Crowningburg, perhaps the most beautiful of all this family. Albert K. Kane of Gulick Ave., his brothers and sisters are her descendants.

In closing the story of Kiwalao and his descendants we do wish to mention the De Fries family who are of the highest rank in this royal household. Nor do we mean that the persons whom we have spoken of herein are the only descendants of the sacred Prince Kiwalao.

* * *

WE KNOW that there are still living in Kohala and Kau on Hawaii and in Hana and kipahulu on Maui several families who can trace in their veins, the blood of Kiwalao. Some of these are known as Alii-Kuauhau, Chiefs with a Pedigree but without rank. Others are Keiki - Manuahi, children born of unacknowledged parentage.

Some, a few, are even chiefs of exalted rank who prefer to trace their ancestry through the senior descent in some other royal line.

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