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Chapter 21 Pele Consumes Pa‘aiea

     While Liholiho was dwelling at Kohala, the body of Ali‘i Kamehameha was broken up (ua ha‘iha‘i ‘ia ihola), and the work of cleansing his bones was performed, and the bones were hidden as previously mentioned. After the passage of the days thought to be days of defilement for Kona, and after some ceremonies had been performed to purify the land, Liholiho returned from Kohala and stayed a little while at Kawaihae. After some days there, he was fetched to return to Kailua for a council of the chiefs for the purpose of discussing the future of the chiefs.

     At this council at Kamakahonu, Ka‘ahumanu told of the last words of the ali‘i Kamehameha in which he bequeathed the entire kingdom to his son Liholiho. Kamehameha had said to Ka‘ahumanu: “You are the parent (makua) of our child. The kingdom is for Liholiho. If he does wrong in governing, then you take the government from him and attend to it for him.” At this council, Liholiho appeared clad in red garments with a mamo feather cloak over them. On his head was a pāpale ali‘i [literally royal hat] from Britain, and by his side were some young ali‘i who carried the royal kāhili emblems. When the young ali‘i made his appearance, the people and the ali‘i were full of admiration for this distinguished young mō‘ī of Hawai‘i Nei.

     When he met with Ka‘ahumanu, the regent (makuahine kahu aupuni) said to him: “E Kalani ē, I tell you what your father directed me to do. Here are the ali‘i, here are your father’s men and here is the land. However, you and I will rule the land together (‘ai pū nō na‘e kāua i ka ‘āina).

     Liholiho assented to Ka‘ahumanu’s words, and he became the ali‘i ‘ai moku from Hawai‘i to far Kaua‘i and was the head of the kingdom of his father who had gone on the road of no return.

     After the bones of the famous conqueror had been cleansed in a specially built house, Ulumāheihei [Hoapili], supported by Ho‘olulu, the grandfather of the Beckley family and Mrs. Mary Ailau mā, ordered that the bones be taken and hidden in a cave at Kaloko. The mouth of this cave could not be seen because it was under water. The entrance was through a hidden pit. (There is also a hidden cave in the muliwai of Wailua [on Kaua‘i]. However it is the cave where the bones of the royal family of Kaumuali‘i are placed.)


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