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The Story of Hawaiian Royalty

Parentage Established Degrees Among Alii-Kapu

This history of modern Hawii runs daily and Sunday exclusively in The Advertister. This is the 71st of the series.

The Three Lesser Degrees of Sanctified Royalty


The most exalted degree of the sacred Alii-Kapu (Sanctified Chiefs) was the Ninau-Pio. The second degree was called the Niau-Pio, a royal person whose parents were brother and sister of half-blood, one or both of whom was also of this same sacred degree of royalty.

These parents were joined together under the nuptial ritual called Naha, and the Niau-Pio were only a little less exalted than those princes of the first degree.

THE FAMED Princess Kalani-Kauleleaiwi of the House of Keawe was a Niau-Pio. So also was the sacred queen and paramount consort of Kamehameha I, Queen Keopuolani. King Kamehamehanui - Ailuau of Maui, his younger brother the great King Kehekili II and their sister, Queen Kalola I were all Niau-Pio.

George, Prince Humehume of Kauai was a Niau-Pio. Of all the children of the Princess Kalani - Kauleleaiwi or the Prince Keawe there was only one of the degree of Niau-Pio. This was the sacred Prince Keeaumokunui, and it was by virtue of this degree of birth that the sanctity of the House of Keawe was vested in his descendants and not in those of his elder brother, the Prince of Eternity.

* * *

THE THIRD degree of Hawaiian royalty was the Alii-Pio, scions of parents who were either uncle and niece or nephew and aunt. These persons were joined together under the ritual of Ho-ao-Hoi.

In the House of Keawe the last person of the Pio degree was Lydia, the princess Namahana III whose father George Cox, fhe High-Chief Keeaumoku III was the maternal uncle of her mother Elizabeth, the Princess Peleuli-Auliamanu II.

* * *

THE PRINCESS NAMAHANA III married Kaiheekai, the eldest son of the High-Chief Hoolulu of the princely House of Keawe-Poepoe and became the mother of Miriam Crowningburg, the High-Chiefess Auhea-Kekauluohi II, the last sacred princess of the Kamehameha Dynasty.

* * *

THE FOURTH degree of Hawaiian royalty were, the Alii-Wohi. These were persons whose parents were of the designation of Alii - Hoahanau (Royal Cousins). These Alii-Wohi were usually the off-spring of a very exalted Alii who took as consort one of the younger cousins (Alii-Kaikaina-Hoahanau) of the royal household.

The nuptial ceremonies of Hawaii were of this degree of royalty. The last five monarch of Hawaii were all Alii-Wohi; so also was the great Kamehameha I.

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