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The Story of Hawaiian Royalty

Kaleimamahu Married Prior to His Priesthood

This history of modern Hawaii runs daily and Sunday exclusively in The Advertiser. This is the 90th of the series.


The House of Keoua-Kaleimamahu—2

The sacred Prince Kaleimamahu had been trained for the Priesthood in the exalted Order of Io, but prior to, his investiture into this holy office, he wed two sisters, Princesses of Maui. By each of his wives he had a daughter. The eldest born was the sacred Princess Miriam Auhea-Kekauluohi I. His younger daughter was Elizabeth, the Princess Peleuli-I-Auliamanu II.

Kekauluohi I was reared in the court of her uncle, the great Kamehameha, and was accorded every distinction to honor her sanctified birth. Her bathing pool was forbidden to anyone else. Her retainers were chieftains of exalted rank. She was kept in seclusion as befitted her station.

* * *

AS A YOUNG girl she was betrothed to the sacred Prince Iolani Liholiho, the sanctified son of Kamehameha I. This prince later became the second Kamehameha to rule Hawaii. During his reign, he was persuaded to accept Christianity, and the new American missionaries convinced him to put aside all but one of his wives.

Kamehameha II chose his own half-sister, the Princess Kamamalu I, to be his consort, and Kekauluohi was then free to be wed again.

* * *

THE PRINCESS MIRIAM married under Christian rites Charles, the High-Chief Kanaina of the princely House of Moana. Of this marriage, one son survived. This was William Charles, Prince Lunalilo who at the death of King Kamehameha V assumed the sovereignty of Hawaii under the title of Lunalilo I.

Throughout the history of Hawaii there has never been a monarch so universally beloved by his people as was the late King Lunalilo. Although he reigned for only a little more than a year, the Hawaiian people have never forgotten him for he loved the common people with a great devotion.

* * *

HE WAS ONE of them in spirit despite his exalted birth. He understood them, and they in return understood him. This prince could do no wrong in the eyes of the people. The people were never fooled by the pomp and glitter of regal trappings. They knew that Lunalilo represented the true and legitimate line of Hawaiian kings.

Of all the royalty of modern Hawaiian history, it is Lunalilo alone whose genealogy has never been questioned, whose exalted birth and station have never been criticized.

THE MORTAL remains of Lunalilo the Beloved rests not in the royal mausoleum with the bones of the other Hawaiian Kings. He sleeps by his express command at Kawaiahao church among the common people to whom he had given without reservation his heart, love, and fortune.

(Copyright, 1955, The Honolulu Advertiser.)

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