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Sunday, Dec. 11, 1955.

The Story of Hawaiian Royalty

Namahana III Assumes Commemorative Title

This history of modern Hawaii runs daily and Sunday exclusively in The Advertiser. This is the 91st of the series.

The House of Keoua-Kaleimamahu—3


The Prince Kaleimamahu had two daughters; the younger child was Elizabeth the Princess Peleuli-I-Auliamanu. Her mother was the Princess of Maui Lydia Piia Namahana II, the youngest sister of the very powerful Queen Kaahumanu.

Peleuli II married her own maternal uncle George Cox, the Prince Keeaumoku III of Maui. Of this union was born a daughter who was named Lydia the Princess Piia Namahana III.

* * *

WHEN King Kamehameha II and his Queen-Consort Kamamalu died in London, Namahana III commemorated their deaths by assuming the epithetic title of Kalele-o-Nalani (The Flight of the Sacred Ones).

Namahana III married the High-Chief Kaiheekai of the royal House of Keawepoepoe, son of the High-Chief Hoolulu and grandson of the sacred Princess Kalanihoaono of Keawe. This couple had one daughter who was Miriam the High-Chiefess Auhea Kekauluohi II.

* * *

THIS YOUNG GIRL was betrothed as an infant to wed Prince William Charles Lunalilo, later King of Hawaii, but instead, she eloped with the very handsome William Issac Jesse Crowningburg.

They had a son and a daughter. The son was named after King Lunalilo; his name was William Charles Crowningburg, the High-Chief Keeaumoku IV. The sister was Lydia Crowningburg, the High-Chiefess Keomailani.

KEEAUMOKU IV married Lydia Kolomoku-Pahau, a great granddaughter of the High-Chief Nahiolea of the Princely House of Moana. A daughter was born of this marriage. She was Miriam Crowningburg, the High-Chiefess Peleuli-I-Auliamanu III.

This young chiefess was raised by her two grandmothers, Kekauluohi II and Mrs. Mary Hale Purdy-Pahau as her own parents died while she was still an infant. She was a humble woman, soft-spoken and gentle, who carried her royal inheritance without ostentation.

TO THE CHAGRIN and fury of her family, she eloped with the young nephew of the late Col. Samuel Nowlein. This was Samuel Apolo Amalu, the son of Apolo - Amalunui - Kekuaihealani of Halawa and his wife Maria Nowlein-Morse.

The union of Peleuli III and the late Samuel Amalu bore two sons, William Charles Amalu, the High-Chief Keeaumoku V who was the eldest and George Herbert Amalu, the High-Chief Keoua II. The younger son never married.

* * *

KEEAUMOKU V married Ethel Pahahoe Kaleo-Napoleon, the daughter of Walter Uaia Napoleon and the late Elizabeth Kaehukai Baker both descendants of the princely House of Moana.

They had one son Samuel Crowningsburg Amalu who married Maria Anastasia di Torlonia and has one son William Charles Keeaumoku VI.

* * *

AFTER SOME YEARS Keeaumoku V and Pamahoa were divorced. Pamahoa remarried the late Joseph Reuben Hoke while Keeaumoku V married the late Ethel Muriel Kuaihealani Campbell, the widow of the late Sen. Robert Witt Shingle.

Following the death of his second wife, Keeaumoku V was married again, to Miss Wilma Porter.

(Copyright, 1955, The Honolulu Advertiser.)

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