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The Story of Hawaiian Royalty

Peleuli I Was Another Consort of Great King

This history of modern Hawaii runs daily and Sunday exclusively in The Advertiser. This is the 97th of the series.

The Children of Peleuli I


The third consort of Kamehameha the Great who bore him children was the Princess Peleuli-I-Kekelaokalani, daughter of the sacred twin of the House of Keawe, the High-Chief Kamanawa I. Her mother was the Princess Kekelaokalani, the daughter of the Princess Kekuiapoiwa the Great of Maui.

Peleuli had three children by the Conqueror. Her eldest child was the Prince Kahoano ku-Kinau who took to wife the Pio Princess of Maui, Wahinepio-Kahakuhaakoi, daughter of the Prince Kekuamanoha and his own niece of half-blood the Princess Kamakahukilani.The royal couple had a son and a daughter.

* * *

THE SON WAS the Prince Kahalaia who married Pauahi I and was the true father of Ruth, the Princess Keelikolani. The daughter was Anna, the Princess Keahikuni-I-Kekauonohi who married the Chief Levi Haalelea, a descendant of both the great King Alapai of Hawaii and the exalted Princess Moana.

Kekauonohi and Levi Haalelea had one child who was named William Pitt Kinau. This child died without issue.

* * *

THE SECOND child of Kamehameha and Peleuli I was the Prince Kaikoolani-Kau-I-Kehekili - Keawe-Hanaiohua who married the Princess Haaheo, his own grand-aunt. Haaheo was the daughter of the sacred Prince Keoua by the High-Chiefess Akahi-a-Kawalu, a granddaughter of Queen Kamakahelei of Kauai.

The couple had no children, and after the death of her husband Haaheo married John Adams, Prince Kuakini of Maui, brother of Queen Kaahumanu.

* * *

THE THIRD CHILD was a daughter who was named Kalani-Kiliwehi-o-Kaleikini. This child married her cousin, the High-Chief Kamehameha-Kau-okoa but had no children. A number of genealogists have often also listed another daughter as being the seed born of the union of Kamehameha and Peleuli.

This daughter was supposed to have been the Princess Maheha-I-Kapulikoliko. This is incorrect. Maheha was truly the daughter of Kamehamehaʻs elder brother, the sacred Prince Kaleimamabu and his second consort, the Princess of Maui, Lydia Piia Namahana II.

* * *

AS A CHILD Maheha was given to Queen Peleuli to foster in the custom of ancient Hawaiian chiefs. She was raised in the court of Kamehameha and later took as her own the name of her foster mother. She is Elizabeth, the Princess Peleuli-I-Auliamanu II.

We find only eight children born to Kamehameha under sanctified ritual. Of these four were sons and four were daughters. His legitimate sons were in order of rank: Iolani Liholiho (Kamehameha II); Kauikeouli (Kamehameha III) kahoanoku-Kinau; and Kaiko-olani-Kau-I-Kehekili.

* * *

HIS FOUR daughters were Harriet Nahienaena, Queen Kamamalu I, Kinau and Kiliwehi.

We have no doubt that the great Conqueror had other children, but search though we may, we can find no evidence that the great Kamehameha even during his lifetime acknowledged any other but these.

WE ARE AWARE that there are families in Kau, Kohala and even in Honolulu who claim to be the descendants of Kamehameha. We are a bit dubious that this be true, or rather, perhaps, we should say that this cannot be verified. We know of no living descendants of Kamehameha today, neither can we believe that the blood of the greatest of all Hawaiians is not yet vanished from the earth.

(Copyright, 1955, The Honolulu Advertiser.)

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