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The Story of Maui Royalty

Charles Mahoe Family Descendants of Chief


Article 18

The Family

The Lono of Maui had one Lono-I-Kahau- of one of the great chieftains of the kingdom of Kauai who was the son of Kauakalau and kuluine of the Manokalanipo Dynasty.

This son wed the Chiefess Ninau-a-Iwi and had a son Keakapaahea, who wed Kalehuna and had a son, Kowali, who wed kaumaka-o-Kane and had a son, Keawe-a-Ua, who wed Kamohalkar and had a son, Keauiaole, who wed Liloa-Wahine and had a son and a daughter.

* * *

THE SON was the chief kameeiamoku Keauiaole from whom the Charles Mahoe family descends. Mamo Clark who played opposite Clark Gable in the cinema, “Mutiny on the Bounty,” was of this family, boing the daughter of Evelina Mahoe.

The daughter of Keauiaole was the Chiefess Kaumaka-o-Kane II who married Thomas Cummins Sr. and had a son, John Adams Cummins, one of the great Hawaiian nobles under the Kalakaua Dynasty. John Cummins was one of the old-time Hawaiians whose lavish entertainment and gracious hospitality did so much to give to Hawaii its reputation for glamour and romance.

* * *

JOHN CUMMINS married Kahalewai and had one son and three daughters, This son was Thomas Pualii Cummins Who married Lydia. Raplee Fitzsimmons, The only daughter of this couple died as a child. Six sona survived. These are John Kaenakulani, Thomas Kaihikapu, Raplee Kawelo-Kalani, Moseley, Woody and Brick-wood.

The youngest of the Cummins daughters was May Kaaolani who was married three times.

* * *

HER FIRST husband was Charles Creighton, a prominent and handsome Hoholulu attorney. Her second husband was Captain Kibling of the old Inter-Island Steamship Co., father of Mrs. May Waggoner presently with the Honolulu Dairymenʻs association, and of Edith (Mrs. Fred) Wilhelm.

The third husband of May Cummins was Joseph Clark.

* * *

WHILE MARRIED to Mr. Clark, May Cummins adopted Mamo Clark as her own daughter, and thereby laid the seeds of one of Hawaiiʻs most celebrated legal suits.

This suit which involved the rights of adopted children to share with natural children in the estate of parents has played a most important part in many subsequent estate decisions at law.

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