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The Story of Maui Royalty

Col. Sam Parkerʻs Wife Descendant of Chieftess



Article 24

The Parkers of Waimea

The sister of the Chief Kamealihiwa was the Chieftess Wiwiokalani who married the Chief Hawaii-Waaole and had one son who was named Napela.

This son married Catherine Richardson and had a daughter who was the late Hattie Panana Hianaloli Kaiwaokalani Hailau Aala (See How the Rigate Turns in its Heavenly Flight Over the fragrance of Hailau), the beloved wife of Col. Samuel Parker of Mana—a noble of Hawaii, owner of the world - famed Parker Ranch, and in his day one of the worldʻs true gentlemen.

* * *

THE HOSPITALITY of the Parkers of Waimea was renowned. They lived on a scale of magnificence not even equalled by the Hawaiian royal family.Their friends were legion; their doors always opened wide to any. Hawaii will not see their like again.

Of the original children of Samuel and Hattie Panana Parker, only one remains today. He is James Kekoo-o-Kalani Parker. Retired after years of government service. Uncle Jimmy Parker lives a quiet life in his sea-side cottage painting the nostalgic landscapes of those scenes that will always remain a portion of his memories.

* * *

JAMES PARKER was the youngest Parker children. He wed the late Helen Lindsay Notley Parker, one of Hawaiiʻs most gifted composers. The haunting strains of her loved composition, “Akaka Falls,” will be sung so long as there be Hawaiian throats to voice the splashing laughter of that cataract.

James and Helen Parker had no children of their own, but they reared as their own son a grandchild of Mrs. Parker. This was Edward Vickery now with the Marine Corps stationed at Kaneohe. Cpl. Vickery married Mellicent Holt and has one daughter, Kathleen.

* * *

DURING THE monarchial hours of the Kalakaua Dynasty, of the Provisional Government and Republic of Hawaii, and the early years of the Territory, the Parkers were the absolute leaders of island society. The lavish expanse of their living is still unmatched.

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