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The Story of Maui Royalty

John Adams Cummins Was Influential Noble


Article 19

The Cummins Family—2

John Adams Cummins, one of Hawaiiʻs most influential nobles under the reign of the Kalakaua Dynasty, had four children by his wife, Kahalewai. We have already discussed his only son, Thomas Pualii Cummins, and the youngest daughter, May

The eldest daughter of the Cummins family was atilda Kaumak-o-Kane who married an Englishman named Thomas B. Walker. Their children were Matilda (the present Mrs. Constable), John T. Walker, and Thomas who was affectionately called Taffy by his family.

* * *

THE OTHER daughter was Jane who was first married to king Thomas and had one son, King Thomas Keawe-a-Ua married Nelife Forrest has living.

Jane Plikea cummins has a husband who was James Mersber son of the orig william Mersberg and the chiefess Kea Of this un were born 22, children of only 12 survived.

* * *

THE ELDEST child of Jane Piikea and Jaines Mersberg was a son. James, Kahai, Jr. The eldest daughter was Rilley Kahalewai who wed Barney Joy of Honolulu. The fourth child of Jane Cummins was Malie who married the former chief of the fire department of Honolulu. They are the parents of Neal Blaisdell, present Mayor of Honolulu.

The next two daughters, Matilda and Abigail, are married and presently live in Utah. Malilda Mersbergʻs first husband was Henry Robinson of Maui. Another daughter, Helene Pomeroy-Rocha-Tam, now lives at St. Louis Heights.

* * *

HER SISTER Ida mersberg (Mrs. John Lee-Kwai), also lives in Kaimuki. Still another sister in this large island family is Madeleine, Presently Mrs. Sakai of Kohaia.

Charles Mersberg of Kulloou is another child of the marriage of Jane Blikes and James Mersberg as was also the first Mrs. Henry Robinson the late May Mersberg.

* * *

ANOTHER SON, William, was known better by pet-name Billy-Boy He married Sally Campbeli. Another daughter called Day-Day suits an invalid throughout her life.

Today the blood of the Prince Lono-a-Piilani runs in the vein; of the many descendants of the Cummins family who still play great roles in the present-day story of Hawaii.

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