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The Story of Maui Royalty

Kekaulike Dynasty Held Great Power, Prestige


Article 31

The Kekaulike Dynasty

No other royal dynasty in the Hawaiian Islands since the first partition of insular sovereignty during the reign of the sacred Prince Paumakua ever enjoyed the power, might and prestige held by the Kekaulike Dynasty of Maui.

The princes and nobles of the Principality of Molokai were vassals of the Kings of Maui. The Island of Lanai was their outright possession.

* * *

THE RULING HOUSE of Maui invaded and conquered the Kingdom of Oahu and overthrew the ruling Oahu dynasty of Kakuhihewa - I - Kaleimanuia. Even the Kingdom of Kauai—rendered by its mighty priests inviolate from war-like aggression—was still invaded by the force of Maui.

Instead of a spear or a warclub, the princes of Maui used a heart filled with love, They sent their brother, the Prince Kaeo-Kulani of Maui, to wed and thereby to rule the Queen Regnant Kamakahelei of Kauai.

* * *

EVEN ON THE great island Kingdom of Hawaii was the power of Maui manifested. The, ranking qlueen-coneort of Hawailʻs monarch, King Kalaniopuu, was the sacred Princess Kalola a daughter of the Kekaulike Dynasty. The sacred Prince Kwalao who succeeded his father, Kalaniopuu, as monarch of Hawaii had been reared on Maui and his heart lay in those green plains of piileni and not in the hills and liffs of Keawe.

The ranking queen-consort of the great Kamehameha was the sacred Princess Keopuolani, granddaughter of Kekaulike, She was the mother of the second and third Kamehameha monarchs.

* * *

WHILE IT MAY be true that Kamehameha the Great did finally conquer Maui and did really overthrow the Kekaulike Dynasty, it must still be remembered that his own mother, the Princess Kekuiapoiwa II, was a Maui princess. All of Lamehamehaʻs consorts of rank were princesses of Maui d not of Hawaii. These were Keopuolani, Kalakua - Kaneiheimalie. Peleuli and Kaahumanu. The grandmother of Kamehameha IV and V as well as King Lunalilo was the Princess Kalakaua of Maui.

Of all of the latter monarchs of Hawaii perhaps only the last two, David Kalakaua and his sister, Lydia Liliuokalani were of the true descent of Hawaii and without close alliance to Maui. In all of the other members of Hawaiiʻs royal lines the infusion of Maui blood was very strong.

* * *

THE GREAT Kamehameha lived many years, and as ose years passed most of the Hawaii chieftains who had helped him attain his power and throne had died. Slowly, Cautiously, and with great cunning the chieftains of Maui had taken these places vacated by death. At his death, Kaneharnha was surrounded by the princes of the Kekaulike Dynasty.

It was these who over-turned the ancient religion and gods of Hawaii and thereby undermined the strength of the Hawaiian throne. They pved the road which led to the downfall of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

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