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The Story of Maui Royalty

Kamehamehanui Wed To Princess Manu-Haaipo


Article 33

Kamehamehanui-Ailuau 2

The Prince Kamehamehanui - Ailuau took unto himself as his wife his sister of half-blood, the Princess Manu-Haaipo, and of this union was born the Prince Kaulumoku the First. This prince was twice married.

By his first wife, the Chiefess kualii was born a daughter, the High-Chiefess Loeau. By his second wife—his first cousin—the Princess Kalani-Kaui-kekilo, was born a son, the Prince Kaulumoku the Second.

* * *

THE HIGH - CHIEFESS LOEAU as the mother of the great Liliha who gave her lands to the American missionaries through the Reverend Bingham for the purpose of founding a school for the instruction of the children of Hawaiian chieftains. These lands were never used for this purpose but were instead used as the place to educate the children of the missionaries themselves. This is the present Punahou school.

It has always been a matter of great regret to us that the Punahou school has, we believe, forgotten its true benefactor, the High-Chiefess Liliha.

* * *

WE HAVE NEVER been able to understand why the Punahou schools have never honored their true founder, Liliha, even as the Kamehameha Schools have always honored the gracious founder of those schools, Bernice Pauahi Bishop.

Can it be that Punahou has forgotten whence came the sustenance and earth that nourished its growth — or whence the waters of the new spring that fed the infapt bud of knowledge to foster the great halls and lawns of its campus?

* * *

THE HIGH-CHIEFESS LlLIHA was the foster daughter of the High-Chief Hoapili-Ulumaheihei (on of the sacred Kameeiamoku) and many genealogists even claim that Hoapili is really her father of blood. In any case all of the lands of Liliha came from this foster-parent.

Liliha married five times. By her first husband, the High-Chief Boki of Maui, she had no children. By her second husband, Namaile, were born two daughters, Abigail Maheha and Jane Loeau, who were among the first royal childrer to be taught by the Amos Starr Cookes at the old Royal school. The third husband of Liliha was called Kamaile; she had a son, John F. Koakanu, by him and two daughters, Maheha Keaupuni and Kailinoa.

* * *

LILIHA TOOK AS her fourth husband a chieftain named Haalou and a daughter was born who was named Mary Lanihau. This daughter became the wife of William Hoapili Kaauwai of the descent of the High-Chief Kameailihiwa. This couple were the foster parents of the late Princess Elizabeth Kalanianaole, widow of Prince Kuhio and later Mrs. Frank Woods. The last husband of Liliha was Kulinui, and the son born of this marriage was the late A.K.Pelekaluhi.

As her famed portrait shows, Liliha was a woman of great beauty. Her grace and charm have been remembered in a great number of chants. It is a pity that her great contribution of lands to found Punahou is barely remembered even by those who have benefited most by it.

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