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The Story of Maui Royalty

Lunaliloʻs Dynasty Is Represented By Amalus


Article 50

The Crowningburg Family

William Charles, the High-Chief Keeaumoku V married Ethel Pamahoa Kaleo-Napoleon and had one son, Samuel A-K. Amalu who married Maria Anastasia Drexel-Torlonia. They have a son of their own, William Charles Torlonia Amalu, the High-Chief Keeaumoku VI.

The High-Chief Keeaumoku V and his first wife were divorced, and he was married again. His second wife was the late Muriel Kuaihealani Campbell, daughter of James Campbell, a Scotsman, and Abigail Kuaihealani Maipinepine of the Kalanikini line of Maui chieftains.

* * *

MURIEL CAMPBELL AMALU was the widow of the late Robert Witt Shingle, a powerful political figure aso well-known in Hawaiian financial circles. By him she was the mother of eight children—Robert Witt Kaahuiolea who died as a youth, Muriel Melvia Kuaihealani (Mrs. Ross Sutherland), Beatrice Alicia Wahikaahuula (Mrs. Alicia Shingle King), Frederick Campbell Kalanikini, Dorothy Louise Hakaleleponi-Maunalua (Mrs. Albert H. Wilcox), Gilmer Kurtz Keawe-a-Hawaii, Water Seymour Haalilio, and James Campbell Onamiliona.

At the death of his second wife, Keeaumoku V married a Miss Wilma Porter whose ancestry is not known to us.

* * *

THE AMALU family represents the senior ranking branch of the Lunalilo dynasty and of the Kaleimamahu branch of the Kamehameha dynasty. The junior branch of this family is represented by the descendants of Lydia Crowningburg, the High-Chiefess Keomailani, the wife of Wray Taylor, an English newspaperman and musician.

Keomailani had five children. The eldest was the late William Bishop Taylor, the High-Chief Kaiheekai III. He was followed by his sisters—Mabel Nalanielua and her twin sister the late Harriet kalani-hoaono - o - Kahikoloa, Emily Ahuhea - Kekauluohi III (Mrs. Leon M. Straus, Sr.), and Beatrice Albertina Kulia-I-Kanuu (Mrs. Joshu Clanton).

WILLIAM BISHOP TAYLOR married Hannah Kolomoku of the Konohiki line of chieftains and had one son, Allen Bishop Taylor, the High-Chief Kaleimamahu II who is now the ranking chieftain of this junior branch of the Kamehameha Dynasty. The second wife of William Bishop Taylor was Emily Kekaula of the priestly descent of the Imakakoloa.

Her children are Wray Benedict Kalimapaahana II, William Charles Lunalilo II, and Lydia Namahana IV (Mrs. Abraham Lawrence Maioho).

* * *

EMILY, THE High-Chiefess Auhea - Kekauluohi III married the late Leon Moises Straus. She has two sons both presently with the Honolulu Police Department. They are Leon Moises Straus, the High-Chief Liholiho III, who married Rose Mansfield and has a son and daughter of his own, Liholiho IV and Pamela Kumaikalani; and the younger brother Wray Taylor Straus the High-Chief Kaukeouii III married Meymo Holt Kinney and has two daughters, Auhea-Kekauluohi IV and Keomailani II.

Beatrice the High-Chiefess Kulia-I-Kanuu married Joshua Clanton, an American. She has lived in the Bay Area for many years. She has one daughter. Madeleine Keomailani, who in turn has two sons, Phillip Keawe-I-Kekahialii - a - Kamoku and Lee Iwikauikaua.

* * *

THE NECROLOGICAL ceremonies attending the late William Bishop Taylor should serve as a heartening sign to all of the Hawaiian peoples. It was the first time that all of the descendants of the royal and noble lines of Hawaii came together to honor one of their own.

It was as if all of the old differences had been forgotten—as if the cruel words that had been spoken against each other had been mutually forgiven. Even those members of island royalty who could not attend sent their representatives in their stead. Perhaps once again the alil of Hawaii will be united as one family working together for the benefit of this gracious land and her peoples. This is our everlasting prayer.

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