Kikokikona Hawaiʻi
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Island: Maui
Ahupuaa: Wananalua
Feature: cone
Comments: "home of the demigod Māui, and birthplace of Ka-ʻahu-manu. Battles were fought at a fortress here between Maui defenders and invaders from Hawaiʻi." (PEM) "...[where] ʻUmi erected a huge image to frighten attackers..." (PEM 199)
Lexicology: ka-ʻuiki. PEM: the glimmer.
Source: PEM 92; USGS 1957; Stearns and Macdonald 1942b.
Quadrangle: 50-13
North: 154,525
East: 733,097
Catalog Number: 214.13.004

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