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Island: Maui
Ahupuaa: Peahi
Feature: ahupuaʻa
Comments: Returned by Kinimaka at the Māhele, retained by aupuni. LCAw 3905-H to Kuewa, 5423 to Kauohi, 5497 to Kawaahilahaole, 5514 to Pohailele, 5515 to Pekupeku. RPG 149 to H.S. Swinton, 522.00 acres; 221 to H.S. Swinton, ahupuaa (no area).
Lexicology: peʻahi.
Source: MB 132,211; IN 39,562; GR 81; USGS 1957.
Quadrangle: 50-06
North: 207,000
East: 634,000
Catalog Number: 228.10.000

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