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Island: Maui
Ahupuaa: All
Feature: moku
Comments: One of twelve ancient districts on Maui, reduced to four in 1859. The new Hana district includes the former Koolau, Hana, Kipahulu, Kaupo, and Kahikinui districts. "He moku o Kaupo 66 ahupuaa" was returned by Lunalilo at the Māhele, retained by aupuni (MB 26, 209). "Na Ku o Kaupo i koe i keia Mahele ana" were returned by Kekauonohi at the Māhele, retained by aupuni (MB 30, 209). "Kaupo, 19 ahupuaa mai Kipahulu ka helu ana" were claimed by Kekauonohi (MB 33): LCAw 11216:25 includes 5 lands; 14 were relinquished in lieu of commutation. Only 29 kuleana are listed in the Indices. Also called a kalana; see Lole.
Lexicology: kau-pō. PEM: landing [of canoes] at night.
Source: King 1935:216; MB 26,30,33,209; IN 38,50-52,68-70; USGS 1957.
Quadrangle: 50-16
Catalog Number: 217.00.000

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