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Island: Oʻahu
Ahupuaa: Kalihi
Feature: ahupuaʻa
Comments: Not named in the Māhele Book. "...famous in legend as the home of Pele's sister Kapo, and of Haumea, Pele's mother..." (PEM) The valley and ahupuaʻa were well populated with abundant taro land and fisheries. See Sterling and Summers for stories.
Lexicology: ka-lihi. PEM: the edge. "...said to have been named by Prince Lot (afterwards Kamehameha V) in 1856."
Source: USGS 1959; PEM 77; Sterling and Summers 1973:322-327.
Quadrangle: 80-14
North: 69,000
East: 548,000
Catalog Number: 112.03.000

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