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Island: Hawaiʻi: Hilo
Ahupuaa: Ponahawai
Feature: city
Comments: Principal city and port of the island, and county seat. "Three sections of Hilo town are: Hilo-one (sand Hilo), near the sea; Hilo-Hanakahi, an inland section toward Ke-au-kaha, named for a chief famous in song; and Hilo-pali-kū (Hilo of the upright cliff) east [sic; north] of the Wailuku River." There are many references to Hilo in traditinal literature.
Lexicology: hilo. PEM: "Perhaps named for the first night of the new moon or for a famous Polynesian navigator."
Source: USGS 1963.
Quadrangle: 10-35
North: 324,000
East: 641,000
Catalog Number: 325.04.004

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