Kikokikona Hawaiʻi
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Island: Hawaiʻi: Kona
Ahupuaa: Kaupulehu
Feature: ahupuaʻa
Comments: Retained by Lot Kamehameha at the Māhele, LCAw 7715:10. Residence of Kameʻeiamoku. The name is applied to the pond in the absence of another. See Kahuwai.
Lexicology: ka-ʻū-pūlehu. PEM: the roasted breadfruit (ʻū is short for ʻulu).
Source: MB 13; IN 64; Kamakau 1961:147; USGS 1982.
Quadrangle: 10-19
North: 353,000
East: 340,000
Catalog Number: 372.03.000

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